Cormack Propane Safety Valve 45 Degrees Model

• Increases LPG cylinder exchange safety
• Speeds up LPG cylinder changes
• Fits almost all forklifts
• Installation takes just minutes


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Cormack Propane Safety Valve 45 Degrees Model

The Problem: LPG escaping while changing forklift cylinders
Changing an LPG cylinder can sometimes give a forklift operator a big surprise! The seal in the cylinder valve can fail to cause liquid propane gas to spray over the hand or face faster than they can react. Liquid propane vaporizes quickly (-420 C or -440 F) and will cause extreme frostbite if it touches skin.

The Solution: Placing a shut-off valve on the hose to prevent the LPG coming back onto the operator


Shuts off LP Gas next to the coupler to prevent it from coming back through the hose if the seal fails.
Since most LPG cylinders are rented, the operator does not know the condition of the seals without a rigorous inspection.


The fool-proof handle design covers the coupler so the operator cannot disconnect it in the open position.

Cormack Propane Safety Valve 45 Degrees Model

Weight 0.7 lbs


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